Christmas decorations can cost a pretty penny, however, one DIY fan has proven you can turn a house into a winter wonderland for just £13 with this Christmas snowflake decoration hack.

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Lucy Cook, from Rugby, created a stir when she posted a photo of her homemade Christmas snowflake decorations on the Facebook group Extreme Budget DIY & Life Hacks. Fans couldn’t believe that they were made from hangers from Poundland!

‘I initially had the idea to make them as I had seen a video of a lady in America who had made some,’ explains Lucy. ‘My mum was after some outdoor decoration but my Step-Dad was in the hospital and my mum doesn’t have time or the Christmas mindset to decorate the house.

‘I thought I would take it upon myself to make some for her as I like doing homemade crafty things,’ she adds.

Lucy created her budget Christmas decorations using a bundle of coat hangers, cable ties, silver spray paint and glitter that she picked up at Poundland for just £13. She then made the Christmas snowflake decoration by attaching hangers together with the cable ties.

Attach two coat hangers on the long end with cable ties. Repeat this until you have eight sets of two. You’ll end up using 16 hangers in total.

Put four of the sets together so all the hangers meet a point in the middle and the corner of the hangers are touching. Cable tie them together. Repeat with the remaining four sets.

When you have your finished snowflake you can either spray them with silver paint or leave them black and wrap them in fairy lights.

Caulking Guns

‘I hung them on the wall outside and on the indoor snowflakes I attached lights,’ says Lucy. ‘In all, it takes less than 10 minutes to make one snowflake.’

‘I’ve seen pre-lit stars and things in shops for around £20 each so I’ve saved an incredible amount of money, spent time enjoying making something and decorated my mum’s house both inside and out,’ adds Lucy.

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